3Women’s purses are notoriously full of random stuff. Missy Robertson recently admitted this, and compared her purse to life.

Missy Robertson (source: The Political Cult)

“Whatever the reason, I know I feel so much better when I’ve cleaned out, thrown away, and organized my necessities,” she said on her blog.

Earlier this month, she wrote about how we all need to de-clutter our lives. She said that after she finished writing her post, she was going to “sort, throw away, put away and organize before placing the necessities back in there.” 

“I always feel so much better when I know where to find exactly what I need exactly when I need it, and it’s not so heavy to carry around every day,” she wrote.

But then she has some real talk.

Missy’s purse (photo via Missy Robertson)

She compared this purse problem to our lives, whether male or female, purse or purse-less.

“Isn’t that what we need to do in our lives?” she asked. “Of course it is, but it’s a bit harder to do than cleaning out our purse.”

She then simplifies how to do this in one step.

“The first step is to reveal it,” she said. “It may be embarrassing.  It may even be shameful.  Find someone you trust and take this first step. …Chances are they have something they need to reveal as well.”

She emphasizes that light chases away the dark. Light helps us clean things up in our lives.

“Shining a light on the problem tells the devil that he will not win this battle, that you are ready to fight him and take him out,” she said. “You are ready to be healed!”


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