Kevin Sussman Watched Wil Wheaton Fan Girl Over Adam West On The Big Bang Theory Set


At this year’s Comic Con convention, The Big Bang Theory cast members had a lot to say about guest stars who have appeared on their show. Kevin Sussman in particular had a hilarious story to tell, about Wil Wheaton meeting Adam West.

Kevin Sussman Watches Wil Wheaton Freak Out

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During The Big Bang Theory comic con panel the producers and writers of the show decided to ask the actors a few questions, just to keep things interesting. Bill Brady wanted to know if the fans, or writers, had ever fan girled over a guest star. Big Bang Theory has become famous for bringing in some of the best talent in the industry, and sometimes even the actors get excited to meet their idols.

In particular, Kevin Sussman once watched Wil Wheaton fan girl over meeting Adam West. Kevin explained that at first he was star struck when meeting the Star Trek: Next Generation star. He said, “When I first came on the show, in one of the earlier seasons, Wil Wheaton- who I had been a fan of…and I try not to get starstruck and stuff, and I tried to play it off all cool…he’s so nice and made me feel super comfortable like within minutes of meeting him, and he was teaching me a card game…and I was like okay, yeah he’s just a person.”

Wil Wheaton Freaks Out

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Kevin then had a full circle moment when he watched his own idol fan girl in a similar way. He explained that when Wil Wheaton and Adam West both appeared in The Celebration Experimentation  he watched Wil Wheaton totally fan girl. Kevin described, “[Wil Wheaton] The whole time was talking about how amazing it is, he’s a huge Adam West fan, and he’s talking about how awesome it is to be in the same room… I happened to be standing there when he sort of walked over to Adam West all super nervous, and he did the thing that I did to him- Adam West- ‘Mr. West I didn’t want to bother you…'”

It sounds like no matter how famous you are, there’s always someone you’re starstruck to meet. Would you rather meet Adam West or Wil Wheaton in person?

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