Frank Dillane Arrested On CBS Lot

Frank Dillane | Photo Credit Radio Times

According to reports, Fear the Walking Dead star Frank Dillane was arrested last Sunday night after getting into an altercation with a security guard on the CBS lot. Dillane plays Nick Clark on the AMC series.

Apparently, the actor tried to breeze through the security check point at the studio, but he was stopped by a guard. Fear the Walking Dead doesn’t shoot on the CBS lot, so Dillane didn’t have the necessary access to enter in the first place.

One guard described the actor’s behavior as “erratic.”

CBS Security Performed Citizen’s Arrest On Actor

Frank Dillane | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book reports:

“The report claims that Dillane was only further frustrated when the altercation started to get more heated and ended up striking one of the guards. At that point, the guards had had enough and performed a citizen’s arrest before the LAPD arrived and booked Dillane with a charge of battery.”

“Dillane has been with Fear the Walking Dead since its first episode and has arguably served as its main protagonist. Prior to the AMC series, Dillane starred in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, In The Heart Of The Sea, and Sense8.”

Fear The Walking Dead On Hiatus

Frank Dillane | Photo Credit AMC

This all happened as Fear the Walking Dead just entered their mid-season hiatus, which will end on August 21 when they begin shooting the second half of Season 3 for AMC. Dillane’s character, Nick Clark, was last seen alive and well, but his future with the show was left ambiguous since he parted ways with the group recently.

On the zombie-ridden series, Nick decided to walk among the undead, similar to how Michonne on The Walking Dead used to walk with two armless, tooth-less walkers on leashes behind her.

Perhaps something upset this actor to cause this, but we won’t know until Season 3 hits the air later this summer.

Do you think this character didn’t make it to Season 4 of Fear?

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