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This week’s TBBT was filled with the usual funny quirks and anecdotes. However, there were a couple of things that were just too ridiculous not to dwell on. Right off the bat, the writers hit us with some pretty crazy ideas. Talk about a jam-packed episode. Here are 4 ridiculous scenarios that played out in just the first five minutes of the new The Big Bang Theory.

Raj Holds His Breath…FOREVER

Leonard: “It’s a physics toy that demonstrates angular momentum, potential energy, and kinetic energy.”

Penny: “Aw, look at you watching sports.”

The episode started with the men watching a spinning Euler’s disk. Raj had bet Sheldon that he could hold his breath for longer than the disk spun. Raj held his breath for at least five minutes. There’s NO WAY that’s real. Although, it is a funny thing to think about; Raj being able to hold his breath for long amounts of time makes sense. He has so many fun facts we learn all the time.

Penny:  “Okay, I want in. Ten bucks says I’ll lose interest before that thing stops spinning.”

Sheldon: “It’s slowing down!”

Leonard: “Dig deep! Like when we bet you couldn’t fit into Howard’s pants!”

Raj Tells His Father He Spent All His Money

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The whole Raj’s family is rich thing is getting a little old. This episode Raj explained to his dad that he had spent a lot of money because he was upset about a break-up. His father in turn, offended Raj by saying he had given up on hope for him finding a woman. The writers clearly want Raj’s love life to be a big theme this season. Perhaps this is foreshadowing for an epic romance to come.

Raj’s Father: “Well, you’re a grown man with a steady job. Why wouldn’t you spend all your father’s money?”

Amy Explains Yet Another Societal Norm To Sheldon

Amy and Sheldon’s date night is adorably awkward, as usual. When they see a friend at the bar Amy informs Sheldon that it’s polite to say hi to friends when you run into them in a public place. Then, all of a sudden, we learn that Sheldon has multiple restraining orders. Perhaps from the many celebrities, he has solicited over the years.

Amy: “Sheldon, there’s a difference between greeting a friend and following a celebrity into a bathroom.”

Sheldon: “If the judge couldn’t explain it to me, I don’t see how you will.”


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