Kaley Cuoco Won’t Be Happy About The Pictures Her Boyfriend Just Posted Of Her Online…

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-13

Kaley Cuoco seems happier than ever these days. She and boyfriend Karl Cook share a romance built upon mutual interests and laughter. That’s why it was no surprise when Karl decided to post a hilariously unflattering photo of Kaley after their last vacation to Sydney.

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook’s Trip Of A Lifetime

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook took what they called a “trip of a lifetime” to Sydney Australia this past month. The pair saw a few sports games, drank some good alcohol, cared for some horses, and even took a really long hike.

The hike was the activity that got the most attention on this trip, after Karl Cook posted a hilarious photo of Kaley. In the photo Kaley is visibly in pain, wearing a beanie and sunglasses and grabbing her back. Karl is taking the selfie grinning ear to ear, clearly finding Kaley’s discomfort humorous. He wrote, “So if anyone was wondering what a six mile hike over loose rocks is like with the love o fmy life…..well…..we have never been happier, together…in this moment…” 

We love that this couple has such a great sense of humor, and we sure hope Kaley found the post comical at the end of the day. Karl took yet another selfie when Kaley wasn’t looking and revealed her audio book choice for the trip. He said, “Hey….hey honey….stop listening to Caitlyn Jenner and find the camera gosh. That’s actually not a joke #audiobooksaremylife.”

They’re In Love

We’re so glad Kaley has finally found someone she can love and trust. She had a hard go of it finding love while navigating her 20s in the public eye. We have all heard of her tumultuous relationships and inevitable divorce with Ryan Sweeting. However, it seems that Kaley has put that drama behind her and says Karl is “her soulmate.

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