Glenn And Abraham Bite The Dust

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, fans were dealing with a lot. On the small screen, in Negan’s kill scene he had chosen a victim. Then followed through with his promise. This meant killing Glenn with a bat and later killing Abraham.

Fans were immediately outraged by the murders. In retrospect, the violence wasn’t much more violent than any other death on the show, but because these two characters were loved so much, some fans decided to leave the show.

Now, Abraham-actor Michael Cudlitz reflects on the scene.

Michael Cudlitz On Linear Storytelling

Michael Cudlitz | Photo Credit TNT

“I think the scene itself really messes with time. The entire first part of the episode takes place over three or four minutes, and then the end of the episode goes back into real time,” said Cudlitz.

“You keep jumping back and forth between what’s happening, what could be happening, and what did happen. Not a lot of time passes and then they’re running around, and at the end of it, they come back to the next morning.”

“From a linear storytelling perspective, it’s really, really interesting. I said to the guys, “To me, this is the closest time the show has been like an episode of Southland…”

“We were not going to have the “crime of the week” every week. Certain things will be solved, but that’s not it,” concluded the actor, who starred on both shows.

Famous Non-Linear Films

Quentin Tarantino | Photo Credit Pulp Fiction

Toying with the linear storytelling is something that new shows are really taking advantage of these days. It used to be confusing for audiences, like when Quentin Tarantino first delivered Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

Now it’s almost common to showcase the events out of order. Director Christopher Nolan also edits his films out of order. Memento was famously presented as the backward film and in his newest film, Dunkirk, the scenes pace back and forth.

When The Walking Dead returns, it’s likely we’ll have more flashbacks, time jumps, and various other new sequences for the series.

Are you all caught up on The Walking Dead?

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