Missy Robertson recently created a line of jewelry called “Laminin”. The line is produced and handmade by women in need, a business endeavor with purpose and a cause, close to Missy Robertson’s heart. They also had some great Black Friday and holiday deals!

Laminin’s Story

According to their website, Laminin House was created, “To provide jobs for women in the West Monroe area with a desire for community in a supportive work environment.” The women who create the jewelry are “in need of a new purpose.”

Some are former sex traffic slaves. Some are homeless, and some have suffered with addiction. Missy Robertson created the business to help these women acquire jobs that inspire them to move forward with their lives. Missy also has a plan to spread and grow. The website states, “Laminin by Missy Robertson and The Laminin House, will serve as a ministry to women. The mission is to establish hubs all across the United States.”

Black Friday Sales

photo by @missyduckwife via instagram.comphoto by @missyduckwife via instagram.com

The entire site featured 25% off sales, with a special code on Black Friday. Many of the Robertsons took advantage of Black Friday to bring in new customers. Missy posted on a photo of herself modeling pieces to promote the sale on her Instagram account.

Missy wrote, “Laminin’s Black Friday Sale starts tomorrow night at Midnight! Use code BlackFriday2016 for 25% off! (Click link in bio!) #EquipEnrichEmpower And CHECK OUT OUR EXCLUSIVE HOLIDAY SIGNS!”

The Brexley

Brexleyphoto by laminindesigns.com

“Laminin” by Missy Robertson, features many items of jewelry. “The Brexley” is a bracelet made up of silver beads from Tibet. Each piece of jewelry is hand-made, inspired by Southern charm and femininity. This bracelet is only $24.00. The pieces are affordable, yet unique and beautiful.


The Mia Moo

Be Brave and Keep Going - Silver Tonedphoto by laminindesigns.com

The Laminin Design website features “The Mia Moo” collection. Laminin sells two circle necklaces. 100% of the proceeds go towards the Mia Moo fund. The Mia Moo fund was established in Missy Robertson’s daughter, Mia’s honor.

The fund benefits families of children with cleft and lip palate. This particular necklace is engraved with, “Be Brave and Keep Going.” Missy often speaks of the bravery and strength her daughter exhibits in facing her health challenges head-on. The Robertsons have a charitable spirit, and love to turn their businesses into giving opportunities.



It’s Not Just Jewelry!

Blessed Swing Teephoto by laminindesigns.com

Missy also sells tee shirts on her Laminin Designs website. This 3/4 sleeve top has the words “Blessed” screen-printed on it.

The piece was created in collaboration with a company called “KEE KEE TEES.” The Robertson family believes in being thankful for all of their many blessings. This shirt is a constant reminder to be thankful for what you are blessed with in life. The shirt was recently on sale for $36.00. This makes for an incredibly affordable Christmas gift.


Laminin is a great business endeavor. Missy Robertson has managed to marry her entrepreneurial spirit and charitable self. Laminin is a great company to buy gifts from this holiday season. Your purchase will not only benefit your friends and family, but also the women who work at Laminin House. Keep watching them for other upcoming sales.

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