Johnny Galecki Makes A Heartbreaking On-Camera Confession About Kaley Cuoco


Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco are masterminds when it comes to keeping things private. Nothing exemplifies this more than their two year secret relationship. TBBT fans and the press didn’t know anything about their hidden love until AFTER they’d been dating for two years, and broken up. Seriously, props to them for keeping a secret for that long.

In honor of their star-crossed romance, we found this adorable throwback video of them interviewing each other in the midst of their love. Please take note that they can’t help but flirt with one another. Their chemistry is undeniable. Why aren’t they still a couple?

Their chemistry is undeniable. Why aren’t they still a couple?

Why aren’t they still a couple?

Video Highlights

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Johnny starts off by asking Kaley to give one word to describe filming Season 4. Kaley answers “Woo!” making Johnny smile from ear to ear. It’s clear he finds her charming but silly, reminding her that Woo is not a real word.

She eventually lands on “Lots of fun,” and it’s clear these two really have had the best time together.

The Actors’ Process

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Now both actors must answer what their process is like as they learn lines and rehearse. There’s yet another opportunity for these two to poke fun at each other. Kaley can barely get a word out through her laughter.

She flirtatiously points out Johnny’s serious approach, involving lots of highlighting lines and pacing.

Apparently, Kaley will sometimes even point and laugh at Johnny while he is memorizing his lines. We feel a little bit like a third wheel watching this intimate interaction.

The Big Confession

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Kaley asked Johnny what his favorite thing about working with her is. Clearly, he’s set up to say something sweet, but what he comes up with is beyond our wildest romantic dreams.

After first avoiding a serious answer, Johnny finally breaks into his vulnerable side. He says, “You’re kind of the rock in many ways. When someone’s going off on their line, or when Kunal starts laughing at one of his own jokes…I know to look at you.” 

HOW SWEET IS THAT? Kaley Cuoco is Johnny Galecki’s rock.

Seriously, can we get these two back together, please?

Were you a big fan of Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco’s relationship?

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