After Frank Darabont’s harsh deposition, fans not familiar with the Georgian temperatures have been invited to learn about the heat and humidity in the region. In Senoia, Georgia, when the temperature was near 97 degrees, Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan, had somewhat of an accident on the set of The Walking Dead.

Plotwise, Negan has just arrived in Alexdria (the story for Episode 4) and he’s preparing to take inventory for his men. That’s Negan’s entire plan: take things. He’ll take your food, the shirt off your back, and even your wife. He’ll do so with a smile on his face and you’ll have to feel appreciative to give the donation.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

3Jeffrey Dean Morgan Loves Being Negan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“He is having way too much fun,” claims Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick. Jeffrey Dean Morgan dove into his character. He chugs Gatorades between takes to make sure he avoids dehydration from wearing his leather jacket in the hot sun.

Lincoln is referring to a scene where Negan is tormenting the town of Alexandria. He’s mocking and threatening the residents, but suddenly stops. “The other day he was smiling and carrying on so much he pulled a rib muscle,” laughs Lincoln. “He doubled down in pain. I was like, “Yeah, take that!” And it wasn’t even during a take. It was a rehearsal!”

Everybody joined in to mock the overly charismatic actor. “No one went to help him. We just went, “There you go. Suck it up, sunshine!” Norman Reedus confirmed the incident, along with Lincoln’s enthusiasm. “Andy was very excited that he hurt his rib and very excited that Jeffrey hurt himself,” laughed Reedus.


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