Discover Jim Parsons’ Personal Growth In Working With Children


Jim Parsons was skeptical when it came to working with children on Young Sheldon. Now however he’s embracing the experience. He even admits it’s fun at times, especially with someone as adorable as Iain Armitage.

Jim Parsons On Working With Children

Jim Parsons was the first to admit he doesn’t love working with children. It seems a common theme on the Big Bang Theory set. Even after Howard and Bernadette gave birth to Halley, the writers and team decided they didn’t need to add a child to the cast. Kaley Cuoco once told Stephen Colbert, “I don’t like working with kids…I like kids. I don’t want to work with them. Babies are really tough to work with, they require…people carry them in, they’re the biggest divas you could have around.” 

Jim Parsons had always agreed with her. He told Chelsea Handler, “I really am a firm believer in ‘Don’t share the stage with dogs and children.’ The idea that the biggest impact I’ve had on any other show or any other creation outside of my own at this point is amazing to me.” He went so far to say, “I don’t want them…not those kids in particular, but I don’t want kids of my own…It’s not personal against these children, but the whole umbrella of children, no.” 

Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage

However, Jim does admit that he thoroughly enjoys working with Iain Armitage. Iain is unlike most kids, and has his own presence in a room. Jim revealed, “It’s very funny to do anything in this business that you’ve been doing for a while and suddenly have a child with you. The questions change a little bit, everyone’s attitude changes.” 

JIm explained that while attending the Emmy’s with Iain he was shocked at how outgoing and brazen Iain was. When meeting great Hollywood legends like Jane Fond, Lilly Tomlin, and Dolly Parton, Iain walked right up and introduced himself. Jim even said, “then we went to the green room. Someone’s like who is Sean Spicer talking to? Talking to the kid from Young Sheldon.”

It seems Jim Parsons is thoroughly enjoying the experience of Young Sheldon. Who knows, maybe he’ll even change his mind about children someday.