As Jesus promised Rick Grimes, their world certainly got a lot bigger in Season 7 on The Walking Dead. Not only did they meet Hillside and the Kingdom, but they also met the Heapsters and the Saviors, which they could have done without…

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Among the new groups, the wild card is clearly the Heapsters (sometimes referred to as the Scavengers). Led by Jadis, this group essentially lives in a dump and takes what they need rather than working with other groups.

In the end, they double-crossed Rick Grimes because Negan presented a better offer for their group.

Actress Talks About Heapster’s Hive

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Pollyanna McIntosh believes they have a strong community. “It’s something that we’ve created from nothing, so we know our worth and our value and our capacity. We’ve created it as a community together, so we also have been bonded and strengthened by that,” said the actress.

“We’ve made use of what’s there and we’ve made it better, which is a big theme of the whole story. And we’re safe, we’re very well protected with the hive situation that we have and we’re very well organized. I think it also puts people off their guard when they come to us, that we live in this situation, but there’s nothing less clean about it than any other place.”

Jadis Double-Crosses Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At this point, we do not know a lot about the Heapsters. They arrived to “help” Rick at Alexandria on bicycles and a dump truck. Before that, they watched the houseboat Rick and Aaron raided for months rather than invade it themselves, because they knew they could just mug whoever was brave enough to raid it.

Not only did they double-cross Rick, though, when the war actually broke out, Michonne was nearly killed and so was Carl Grimes. They did lose a few no-names on both sides and Jadis even shot Rick in the gut.

Despite their hive system, they better watch out for Rick next season.

Do you think Rick should go after the Heapsters or just focus on Negan?

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