Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Negan

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan loved Dave Chappelle’s performance of Negan on Saturday Night Live this season. After playing a rough Season 7 as Negan, Morgan enjoyed seeing Chappelle poke fun at the role.

“He’s a little misunderstood,” joked Morgan, about his character. “I don’t know that the show was going to win,” said Morgan, about the violent premiere. “People were upset last year that I didn’t bash someone’s head in…”

Morgan said he enjoys playing the bad guys.

Dave Chappelle Stars As Negan On SNL

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“How cool was that?” said Morgan, about Chappelle bringing back his characters and also playing Negan on SNL. “Taking a ten-year break and bringing back his characters that we love and then do Negan—that was awesome.”

“He nailed it,” said Morgan. In the skit, Dave Chappelle brings back his old characters from the Chappelle show as they line up in front of Negan, similar as to how Rick’s group awaited their fate.

“It’s like looking in a mirror,” said Negan.

Chappelle’s Negan Kills Off Old Characters

IndieWire writes:

“The potential victims turn out to be some of the most famous characters from “Chappelle’s Show”: crack addict Tyrone Biggums, player haters Silky Johnson and Beautiful, played by Donnell Rawlings, white news anchor Chuck Taylor, Chappelle’s impression of rapper Lil Jon and finally black white supremacist Clayton Bigsby, who dons a “Make America Great Again” hat.”

“By the end, Negan decapitates Tyrone Biggums, but Biggums’ head delivers a message of hope in the face of national division: “That is how we as a nation begin to heal, through laughing together,” he says. “For even though our country seems irrevocably severed like a man from his head, let my example prove that we should continue to move forward. Let us see ourselves in one another, for only empathy can conquer hate.”

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