The Duck Dynasty Family Church has had to accommodate an influx of guests in recent years.  With the popularity of the reality TV series, the Robertson family’s long-time church has shared their success.

White Ferry Road Church of Christ

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The White Ferry Road Church of Christ, located in West Monroe Louisiana, has long been the family church of the Robertson family.  Before the Duck Dynasty reality TV show fame, the family was avid participants in their local church.  The oldest brother Alan Robertson served as a minister, and the family attended weekly.  These days the church has grown and has even become a tourist attraction.

Tourism or Evangelism

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On any given weekend Christian Chronicle reports that the church can receive anywhere from 1100 to 1400 guests.  There are times when large buses can be found outside.  People from all over the country come to see the Robertson family and their place of faith.  Some have criticized this tourist aspect of the church.  However, the family finds this to be just another way to evangelize.  Miss Kay said, “We have people come in from all states, and it’s OK, even though some people say, ‘Well, that’s just not right.’”  She went on to say, “But when you come here, you’re going to hear the Gospel of Jesus, and you’re going to hear everybody worshiping, praising God. So how can that be bad?”

Famous Elders

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Alan Robertson stepped down as a minister when the show’s success required more hands on deck at the family business.  However, both he and his father Phil Robertson are still elders at the church and quite frequently lead worship.  They are shown on the church’s website but given no special bios or advertisement.

Baptisms Abound

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Many people come to the church specifically wanting to be baptized by the famous family.  Phil has been known to baptize many of his friends and family.  The church had to hire an additional secretary after the influx in requests started pouring in.  One secretary stated, “I always tell them that it’s a possibility that Phil won’t baptize them or that one of the Robertsons won’t baptize them, but somebody here will.”

Recovery Options

The family has been very open about their previous struggles with faith and sin.  Most famously, Phil Robertson is known to have had alcohol abuse problems early in his life.  He has credited his wife Kay for bringing him back to the Lord.  It’s no surprise that the church has a recovery program.  The church’s website states, “Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program that helps us deal with life’s “hurts, habits and hang-ups.” Our purpose is to celebrate God’s healing power in our lives through the eight recovery principles found in the Beatitudes and the Christ-centered 12 steps as we become willing to accept God’s grace in solving our life problems.”  

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The family stays involved in the church as much as they can manage with their busy schedules.  Missy Robertson even sings in the choir!  Would you make the trip to West Monroe to worship with the Duck Family?  

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