The Walking Dead Gears Up For 8th Season

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Greg Nicotero As the cast and crew behind The Walking Dead gear up for production on Season 8, fans are itching to know what’s happening on set. Since they’ve already wrapped the 100th episode, it’s likely they are now working on the second or third episode.

Executive Producer Greg Nicotero just released a new clip that shows a walker stumbling through the woods on set. In his Instagram video, we can clearly see a sign on the tree behind the walker that reads, “Rabbit Season.”

Unless this is merely meant to homage Daffy Duck, it could be a clue to the new season of The Walking Dead.

Unknown Knowledge Gained From Sign

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Greg Nicotero

Besides the sign, there’s no real clue as to what’s going on in the scene other than the fact that the woods behind the walker is basically in someone’s backyard for the Georgia location.

Comic Book reports:

“As for what the Rabbit Season sign may or may not indicate about the current scenarios of each character, there is little knowledge to gain. The sign has undoubtedly been hanging since before the apocalypse but does remind us of the time when Daryl had to claim a rabbit in the woods and was almost murdered when a member of Joe’s group tried to frame him for stealing it.”

“There is no caption to Nicotero’s video but the fact that this particular set has not been featured on the series yet leads to the conclusion it is from the current production of Season 8. However, the safe bet is that the sign won’t make the cut of the series, anyway.”

Rabbit Season Could Be Secret Message

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In addition to the sign in the background, the slate used to mark the shot is also marked “Rabbit Season.” Since the sign doesn’t appear to be aged or depreciated like most of the other props, it’s difficult to say what it means.

It could even link to a new group or new way to pass along information similar to the road to Terminus.

What do you think this means for the series?

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