If you haven’t read Part 1, you really should do that first.

For this article, let’s continue looking at what the Robertsons are up to now that Duck Dynasty is over. 

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Phil Robertson

Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Phil may be a very rich man, but he still likes to live the simple life. He says nowadays he stays in the woods most of the time.

“I’ll stay in the woods until about dinner time,” he said. “I have to make sure my duck blinds are ready for duck season. I have a lot of duck blinds — like 70.” 

And, you may not like to hear this, but he’s happy, happy, happy that the show is finally over.

“I for one was thankful it ended,” Phil said. “There’s a lot more to doing these TV shows than most people realize.”

Besides that, Phil spends a good amount of time on Facebook, posting at least once a day.

Also, he continues to fight for the Supreme Court as the Chairman for Fight for the Court, a movement to establish “a Court made up of justices who will respect the original meaning of our Constitution instead of legislating from the bench like a bunch of politicians.”

Jase Robertson

via YouTube

Although he didn’t believe Duck Dynasty would be successful, he still opted to be a part of it. And now he’s a rich man because of it — I’m guessing he doesn’t regret it.

“I was one of the ones who said the reality show would never work,” he said. “We were in the hunting world. I had this perception of reality shows that you had to have all this friction and fits of rage and four-letter words.”

What’s he been up to as of late? Well, he cut his hair after Jep set an example by getting a fancy in-house haircut, which his wife, Jessica, says she loves.

Missy Robertson

source: The Political Cult

Jase’s wife, Missy, stays very busy. She founded and runs Laminin Designs, whose designs are “inspired by southern feminity and a love for the outdoors.”

She’s also putting out online devotionals via her blog that she hopes will encourage her followers who’ve gone through rough life circumstances. She and her family have gone through their own share of trials — her and Jase’s daughter, Mia, was born with a cleft lip and palate. This inspired them to found the Mia Moo Foundation, which is “dedicated to raising awareness and funds towards research, treatments, and causes of cleft lip & palate.”

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