The Favorite Episodes Featuring Sadie Robertson Just Got Put In Order


We’ve really been missing our weekly fix of Duck Dynasty lately. However, it is fun to look back over the seasons and remember some of our favorite moments through the years. Here are our favorite Sadie Robertson Duck Dynasty episodes.

Sadie Robertson Duck Dynasty Episodes

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Our favorite Sadie Robertson Duck Dynasty episodes remind us why we love this girl so much. Sadie grew from a young teen to a beautiful woman right before our eyes. We watched her learn how to drive a car, get her wisdom teeth removed, deal with her crazy uncles, and become a leader in her community.

Our first favorite Sadie Robertson Duck Dynasty episode is Driving Miss Sadie. In this episode Willie gives up trying to teach Sadie how to drive. Instead Uncle Si takes over, and things get a little crazy. In this episode Uncle Si actually said, “I can teach a blind dog to play checkers. And look, he would win too. Every time.” So, there’s that.

Another great Sadie episode involved Willie and Sadie’s first boyfriend going hunting. The poor teenager had no idea what he was in for. Willie said, ominously, “You can see the heart of a man when you’re out in the woods, and there’s weapons around.” Yikes.

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Willie and Sadie are full of great dad and daughter moments. In this particular Sadie Robertson Duck Dynasty episode Willie takes Sadie dress shopping. However, what really makes this episode great is Uncle Si hitting on a mannequin, and dressing in a camouflage tux. 

Sadie Shadows

The final favorite Sadie Robertson Duck Dynasty episode is Sadie’s Day On The Job. Our two favorite things- Sadie and the Duck Commander warehouse. Uncle Si is pretending to be a superhero. Jase is building a cowblind. And Sadie? Well she’s just taking it all in…just like us.

What are your favorite Sadie Robertson Duck Dynasty episodes?