“Phenomenal cosmic power, itty-bitty living space!”


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The next best thing to a magic carpet ride is a hot air balloon ride. But let’s be honest. It’s not so easy to book a hot air balloon date on a whim. Replicate the adrenaline rush by going for a bike date or a motorbike date. Not your thing? Any adrenaline-pumping, adventure-filled time outdoors will surely give you the same exhilarating feeling that Jasmine and Aladdin felt while flying towards their dream destination. 

“You’ll bring honor to us all!”


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Go to a kickboxing or martial arts class for a Mulan-inspired date. Of course, if you want something low-key, order Chinese takeout or cook a classic stir-fry and enjoy a night in with your partner. A low-key dinner is definitely something Mulan would approve of. We all know Mulan was the kind of Disney Princess who can rough it and hang out with the guys.

“Life is better, down where it’s wetter!”


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Go to the lake, the beach seaside, or someplace near a body of water. Swim together, kayak or go for a dive. End the night with a romantic dance. Take a cue from Ariel and keep the talking to a minimum. Let your eyes do the talking instead! Of course, if that’s not your thing, a date at a seafood restaurant is also a wonderful idea. Don’t forget the kiss!

“Now I see the light, and it’s like a fog has lifted.”


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A kayak ride is a romantic idea. However, if you want to replicate the famous lantern scene, it’s easy to do with the help of mason jars and tea light candles. If you have a garden, light up some candles and throw on a blanket for that cozy, romantic vibe. Oh and don’t forget to let your long locks down.

“Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly.”


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If you’re both like Belle, then a trip to a local bookstore is probably your idea of a perfect date. If that doesn’t cut it, book a reservation at a nice French restaurant and put on something fancy. Of course, if you like to cook, you can set up your place complete with candelabras to light up the room. A lovely beef bourguignon with some crusty bread on the side is something Belle would approve of if served with a chipped tea cup for company. French wine and dancing are optional. 

“Second star to the right and straight on til’ morning.”


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For the date that likes to stargaze and dream of far off places full of adventure, movie night is the perfect time for a Peter Pan-inspired date. For the women, a nightgown like Wendy’s will set the mood. “Peter Pan” gets to wear something green. Sprinkle edible glitter on your popcorn and pretend that it’s pixie dust. Consider ending the evening with a little stargazing of your own and maybe a wish or two.

“Low and slow ‘Stickers’”


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Life got you both racing from one achievement to the next? Hop into the car and go for a drive, low and slow. Roll the windows down and listen to your favorite tunes. Sometimes, the most low-key dates are the most memorable ones. 

If you have a Disney-inspired date night idea, share it with us in the comments section!

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