Maggie Is The Only One To Miss Glenn

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC While working under Negan’s thumb, Rick didn’t take anytime to show other emotions beyond his submissive actions. While Maggie wore a hat like Glenn and gloves like Abraham, she’s not the only one missing the iconic Glenn.

In the next episode of The Walking Dead, which is “Say Yes,” The Spoiling Dead Fans have reported that on Rick and Michonne’s supply run, there may be a special tribute to Glenn Rhee.

Their source gave up a few special details about the scene.

Rick Tells The Story Of Glenn

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Rick tells Michonne the story of how he met Glenn, how Glenn saved his life and he couldn’t save his. Michonne cries,” said the unnamed source. It’s rare for anything to be leaked on The Walking Dead, but this is fortunately just a crumb.

For those of you who are a little fuzzy about the introduction, Rick and Glenn met over the walkies at the end of the pilot and then Rick actually met Glenn in the second episode of the first season.

Glenn reached out to his future friend, affectionately calling him, “Hey Dumbass.”

Rick And Michonne Find Time For Love

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick and Michonne have often gotten close through stories. Michonne told Rick about her past and Rick recently revealed that he’s not actually Judith’s father to his new girlfriend. Glenn’s story, through Rick’s eyes, will be heartbreaking.

The unknown source also said that there may be some more romance for Rick and Michonne in this new episode. “After hitting the meal jackpot, Rick gives Michonne some chili mac and cheese that he found and she really digs it.”

Later, the source said, “It leads to a nice evening on a gym mat…”

Do you think this calm episode will lead to something horrible on The Walking Dead?

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