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Iain Armitage has been cast as young Sheldon Cooper for the new The Big Bang Theory spin-off series. The show will reportedly follow young Sheldon Cooper’s life, probably through his 11-year-old freshman year of college, and perhaps his 16-year-old Ph.D. graduation. Iain is the perfect choice for Sheldon- he is incredibly articulate for his age, adorable, and quite funny. We’ve already fallen in love with him. Here are five times he was just too cute to handle.

The Time He Sang Origins Of Love in His Christmas Jammies

We know, this Youtube video is too much to handle. In the 30 second clip Iain sings Origins of Love from Hedwig. He also happens to be dressed in pajamas with a Santa Claus suit on them. He’s incredibly adorable as he acts out the lyrics, even covering his eye like an eye patch when it is appropriate. We love it. We can’t get enough of it.

That Time He Reviewed Hamilton

Iain first gained fame for his wonderful Broadway show critiques. He uploads reviews of shows he has seen on his Youtube channel, IainLovesTheater. This may be how CBS casting directors found him. In this clip, Iain reviews Hamilton, the major success of 2016. He calls it, “one of the most tremendous amazing fantastic, better than fantastic shows ever.” He also waited in line for seven hours to see the show…That’s some serious dedication. 

Bonus: His missing tooth makes everything he says THAT MUCH CUTER.

That Time He Hosted The Tony’s Red Carpet

Iain is playing young Sheldon, which means he’ll probably being walking a lot of red carpets in the future. If Jim Parson’s success record is any indication, he might even win a few Emmy’s. We don’t need to worry, though, he’s already hosted a red carpet event. Iain Armitage covered the 2015 Tony’s for PerezHilton.com, and it was everything.

Seeing this pint-sized nugget interview the likes of Bryan Cranston. The best part is when he reveals his mom bought his “full kid-sized tuxedo” on Amazon for 30 dollars. Bryan can hardly contain his laughter when Iain assumed his Givenchy tux was $330.

He even told Sting he’d tap dance to earn money to go to his next show. Brilliant.


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