Jep, the baby of the Robertson family, is the butt of many jokes. When Willie’s daughter Rebecca describes Jep as cool because “he knows about fashion,” Willie replies with “Oh, good lord.”

Jep Robertson (source: Duck Commander) In a video reel of Jep’s best moments, we see him burn his older brother.

“You look like an idiot,” Willie says.

“I’m wearing the same thing you are,” Jep retorts, pointing out their black dress suits. “But I make it look good. That’s the difference.”

However, as is the case most of the time, Jep is the laughing stock.

While practicing for a play about baby Jesus, Jep has one line to say. And he can’t nail it down. He even starts sweating from the stress and attention. Meanwhile, Uncle Si and older brother Jase stand by cracking up. This is surprising coming from a guy who’s a recurring cast member of a reality TV show

One day, Jep comes into the warehouse with special-looking…

One more example should show how he’s at the bottom of the Robertson barrel…

attends the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM

One day, Jep comes into the warehouse with special-looking shoes on, shoes that are supposed to help him leap unbelievable heights. So they put it to the test. They get set up to give Jep an alley-oop so he can slam dunk a basketball. Of course, Jep has to begin by bragging about what he plans to do.

“I’m fixing to jump out this building,” he says. “Windmilling dunk it. Slammin’ jammin’ on that son of a gun.”

And, what do you know, he can’t even catch the ball, let alone get close to touching the rim.

Watch the full clip…

For more funny Jep moments, watch the full clip below:

The fun thing about being funny in a family known for being funny… you fit right in! Thanks Jep for making us laugh.

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