Willie Robertson Helps Reunite A Soldier With His Son


Leave it to the Robertson family to inspire the rest of us — Willie, CEO of Duck Commander, recently reunited a soldier with his family.

Willie Robertson
Willie Robertson was a key part in a soldier being reunited with his son after a seven-month Afghanistan deployment in the Air Force (photo via alfa-img.com)

Even though Duck Dynasty is over for good, Willie is still spreading the love. And when he reunited Air Force Master Sgt. Scott Schreck with his son, it just shows you how respectable some people are.

Here’s how it happened…

Schreck’s 10-year-old son, Josh, had no idea his dad was in town. Willie was giving Josh a tour of the Duck Commander warehouse. Josh simply thought that he was getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes look.

Willie and Josh stand in front of a garage door in the Duck Commander warehouse (photo via YouTube)

Willie and Josh arrived at a garage door.

“This is how we load all the stuff in,” Willie nonchalantly explained. “…Alright, let’s check it out.”

The garage door opened and there stood Josh’s dad. Josh ran and jumped into his dad’s arms — he had been deployed in Afghanistan for seven months. 

Josh running to his dad after not seeing him for seven months (photo via YouTube)

Schreck’s older son, Joseph, was the one who had gotten this whole thing together. He had written to Willie to help out with this reunion. And Willie had actually met Schreck in Afghanistan on a USO tour.

“I’ve always wanted to be a part of that. I love those reunion storie,” Willie told Fox and Friends. “Then they said that I had met Scott over in Kandahar and I thought, well we got to do this. … Being able to be a part of that was just really special.”

Watch the tear-jerking reunion below…