The Untold Story Of How Willie Robertson Saved Jep’s Life…TWICE


The Robertson family are a close-knit group. They look out for one another and they rally together in tough times. However, perhaps no brother duo has helped each other more than Willie and Jep Robertson. Willie has been by Jep’s side in times of need not once but twice.

Jep Robertson’s Drug Abuse

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Phil Robertson is the father of four boys. Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep were all witness to their father’s bad behavior. Phil’s time of sex drugs and rock n’ roll has been well documented. However, by the time Jep (the youngest boy) was old enough to remember, Phil had found Jesus and straightened out.

Jep had arguably the most calm and normal childhood of the boys. His family at this point was going to church, and staying on the straight and narrow. Despite this, Jep still sought out alcohol and drugs as an adolescent. He even admits, “I loved God, and I loved learning about Him and His Word, but the further I got into adolescence, the more church became about me and about meeting girls and not about God.”

In his book, co-written with Jessica Robertson- The Good The Bad And The Grace Of God, Jep writes, “I met a couple of guys … and they were doing stuff a little bit differently. I thought, ‘Maybe I should hang out with these guys some and just experience what the world has to offer.'” Jep fell in with a bad crowd, and immediately started to steer away from his faith.

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