After five awesome years and 11 killer seasons, Duck Dynasty has ended. And the shock wave is just now hitting fans as they realize no new episodes have been airing.

Sadie (middle) with her dad, Willie, and mom, Korie Robertson — a loving family (photo via Charisma News) Here are all the sad things Duck Dynasty fans have been saying since the worst day in history…

“These tears are SO REAL RIGHT NOW!”

Ronika is really hurting. She’s leaking tears.

Bill wonders “what the heck to do on Wednesday nights?”

We don’t know either, Bill. We don’t know.

“I will miss it!”

“They always left me in a better mood & state of mind,” Raquel says. Us too, Raquel.

The Robertsons are a “hilarious, tea drinking, Jesus loving family!”

Won’t we all miss them, Meg?

“God bless the Robertsons.”

Trevor wrote some very kind words about the Robertsons.

“They did not allow the cameras or the opinions of the world ruin their relationship with Christ,” he writes.

Ain’t that the truth.

“Phil was always my favorite.”

He was featured in the finale for very good reason. He started Duck Commander! Without him, Duck Dynasty never exists.

“My Wednesday night won’t b the same.”

It truly is sad. We love the show too (and Uncle Si).

Mia is the coolest Robertson

According to ZZ Top, Mia is the coolest Robertson. That’s probably true. 

This is “tragic.”

Tragic seems like a strong word, but it’s also an appropriate use in this situation.

They’re “family”

“Thank you for being the family this generation needed,” James says. “Millions fell in love with you and millions were ministered by you. Thank you for all the laughs, the tears, the belly aches.”

Duck Dynasty is not “garbage.”

“THANK YOU for some positive TV,” Zach says.

Yes, thank you, Duck Dynasty.

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