The Duck Man Who Isn’t a Robertson- But Still a Brother


John Godwin is a co-worker with the Robertson Brothers but seems to be actually one of the siblings. He met Phil Robertson at a duck calling contest where the founder of Duck Commander was one of the judges. John has been working for the Robertson’s since 2002 and has become an enduring feature on Duck Dynasty.

John grew up in camouflage going deer hunting with his father, but along the way he found waterfowl hunting. With the discovery, he found duck calls. As he prepared to enter a competition, Phil Robertson helped perfect the call and John- then a teenager- came in third. Phil just so happened to be one of the judges.

Since 2002 working with the Duck Men his job is to build duck calls, supply management and watching over the shipping department. But come hunting season, John’s main purpose is duck decoy technician. He reconnoiters the best places to put the decoys, as well as keeping the equipment clean and in repair after the hunt, making sure that its ready for the next day’s hunt.

Co-Worker, Friend, Duck Man

John has said that working for Duck Commander has been a blessing. “When I started, I was one of the few full-time employees outside the family.” He could see that the Robertson’s were “very giving and passionate.”

It was through the example of the DD family he gained his faith in Christ. He and his wife, Paula attend White’s Ferry Road Church where she is an executive assistant. Married in 1989 he and Paula have enjoyed the traveling they have done for Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander. They have one daughter, Johanna (Joey). John and Paula met at Louisiana University.

 Alan Robertson was the pastor of their church until he came to Duck Commander to handle public relations and speaking engagements for the family.

Godwin (51) is an avid fisherman and have won crappie masters tournaments with his teammate, Jay Stone. Both he and Jay are a part of Duck Commanders brand, “Fin Commander” for fishermen.

Godwin also does his part by attending outdoor festivals, contests and other hunting and fishing events. His Louisiana dialect follow him to all the corners of the United States in all sorts of weather. When visiting Wisconsin and hearing of the ‘cool’ 75 degrees he quipped, “I better get me some long-legged britches.”

Duck Commnder was founded in 1972 but things weren’t, “very structured”.  If the boys wanted to go fishing, they went fishing.

“The show has changed some of that, but that’s OK,” he said.

“It was all a blessing because now the boys can hire more people and give others a chance to have jobs also,” John explained. “We do a little more than what they portray on the show,” he said. “It’s just us being us.”

He is mostly asked at public appearances, ‘Where’s Si?’ and ‘Is he really that crazy? John always tells them,” Wherever he’s at, he’s asleep, and yes, he really is that crazy.'”

Godwin plans to retire with Duck Commander when the time comes. But until then before and after this final season of Duck Dynasty he will thank people for the blessing they have had and will go back to building duck calls and hunting.

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