Fans Shocked To See Sadie In This Music Video …


Sadie Robertson recently starred in a Country Music video. The content of the video was pretty tame. However, fans still raised an eyebrow at this one fact.

Sadie Robertson and Brett Eldredge

Sadie Robertson recently starred in a music video with Brett Eldredge. The video featured Brett’s song The Long Way and showed the pair as a couple. Sadie’s fans have mixed opinions about the project.

There’s definitely a big age difference between Sadie and Brett. Sadie is only 20-years-old, and graduated high school just a few years ago. Brett, on the other hand, is 31 and has experienced way more in life. Many fans were shocked that Sadie would portray such a big age difference in a relationship.

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Fans were also a bit thrown off by the setting of the video. Brett and Sadie first appear to meet in a bar. Sadie isn’t even of legal drinking age in the United States. However, other fans didn’t think this was a problem at all, considering Sadie wasn’t holding a drink in her hand.

In the video, the couple takes a drive around what is presumed to be Sadie’s hometown. Brett sings, “I didn’t think tonight when I walked in/ I’d be falling for somewhere I’ve never been.” 

Nothing Too Crazy

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Despite the large age difference, there really is nothing else to object to in this video. Sadie and Brett hold hands, embrace, and give each other knowing gazes. However, fans were quick to point out they never even kiss in the video. Typically a 31-year-old and his girlfriend would at least kiss, so we’re interested to find out if the lack of intimacy was a request of Sadie’s.

Previously Sadie has said she would never take part in a movie, or music video for that matter, that compromised her morals. She stated, “My main passion in my whole life is just to motivate and encourage girls and guys to just be confident in who they’re originally created to be. With that kind of being my foundation, if a movie doesn’t line up with that—it doesn’t inspire people to be the best version of themselves—then I just can’t do it.”

Do you think the age difference between Sadie Robertson and Brett Eldredge is inappropriate?