You Won’t Believe The Story Behind This Picture Of The Robertsons


Apparently, the day after Thanksgiving is its own holiday in the Robertson household. Korie Robertson couldn’t contain her excitement, as all of her kiddos came home for the holiday week. The Robertsons sure do love Christmas.

The Robertsons’ Homecoming

There’s nothing the Robertsons love more than being together and eating a big meal. They’re a family known for their fierce loyalty and love of home cooking. In recent years, however, their family dinners have grown few and far between. As older kids move away and marry, it’s hard to get the whole gang together in one room. That’s why Korie Robertson is so thankful to have her gang back together for the holidays.

Korie Robertson might be experiencing a bit of empty nest syndrome. Feelings of sadness and depression are common for parents when their children come of age. While Korie still has three at home, Bella Will Jr. and Rowdy, half of her kids have moved out. Rebecca wed John Reed last year, Sadie moved to Nashville, and John Luke attends Liberty University with his wife Mary Kate Robertson.

Thankfully, Korie has the holidays to look forward to. The Robertsons make sure to stick together and visit home this time of year. Korie posted a happy collage of the family on Thanksgiving. She wrote, “We finally got the perfect pic…and it’s out of focus 🤣😂Oh well, the day was absolutely perfect even if the pics aren’t! Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving full of crazy family, yummy food, competitive scrabble and loads of laughter! I couldn’t be more thankful for this nutty crew!!”

The Day After Thanksgiving

The Robertsons also have quite a few traditions for the day after Thanksgiving. Those visiting home stayed after the holiday to help their mom and dad decorate the house for Christmas. Mary Kate Robertson wrote, “I’m to the point where I’m sad to leave Louisiana after break and sad to leave Virginia before break…but I think it’s a good point to find myself at because I love these two difference places and their people so much!! // also really glad the day-after-Thanksgiving is a whole holiday in itself around here!!”

The happy crew stood around their decorated Christmas tree in festive sweaters and accessories. Looks like they cherished their time together. The Robertsons are learning how to exist apart, but it’s inspiring how they always find time to come back together.