The Surprising Topics The Robertsons Discuss In The Duck Blind


The Robertsons have put their fair share of two cents into the world. They aren’t afraid to share their opinions on a myriad of topics. However, no one quite expected them to talk about this particular subject matter so passionately.

The Robertsons In the Duck Blind

Ever wondered what the Robertsons talk about while they’re waiting up in the duck blind? Well, apparently they discuss high-profile historical murder trials. 

In a recent Youtube video, published by CRTV (Conservative Review Television), Si, Jase, and Phil Robertson all discuss the OJ Simpson trial with passion and humor.

The Robertsons certainly spend a great deal of time up in their duck blinds. The men take advantage of duck season, heading out into the woods in the wee hours of the morning from the Fall into the Winter. Duck hunting takes patience and discretion. You spend hours at a time waiting for the right moment to fire your weapon.

Fans have always wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall during those conversations. We picture Phil Robertson reading the Bible, or debating politics. We know Si Robertson loves pop-culture and probably tells his fair share of jokes. However, the family also likes to discuss old news.

The OJ Simpson Trial

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We aren’t exactly sure how the Robertsons got on the subject of OJ, but they certainly went for it. In a new video released by CRTV, fans can see Phil, Si, and Jase Robertson discussing OJ’s trial while covered in camouflage and waiting for ducks to fly by.

Si agrees with the trial’s outcome. He said, “All I ever said about that was, that the lawyers did their job. With our system, they proved reasonable doubt. That’s what I’m just saying.”

Phil chimed in, “There was a blood stain all the way to the bedroom…” But Si wasn’t taking it. Si said, “Yall keep saying a blind man could see he done it. Well, hey that ain’t the point. Our system is, if you can prove reasonable doubt, you gotta say not guilty.”

Do you agree with Si? Do you think the Robertsons talk about these sorts of topics often while hunting?