RECAP: Duck Dynasty Spin Off Going Si-ral’s Newest Episode


The Duck Dynasty spin off Going Si-ral aired it’s second episode this Wednesday. It was a half hour packed with silly jokes and hilarious viral videos.

The Theme Song Like No Other

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The show opens with a theme song written by Si Robertson himself. In the premiere episode we saw Si writing the song.

In this episode, the song was played again, but this time remixed with a techno beat and flashing lights. The techno remix was supposed to seem like a viral Youtube video.

The show is filled with pop-culture and retro references.


Co-hosts Who Butt Heads

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Willie and Si share friendly banter back and forth, with the opening segment featuring Si offering Willie a stool half his size. Willie is worried he’ll seem like a child, but Si assures him, “You won’t look any dumber than you normally do.” This dynamic continues, while Willie constantly eye rolls at Si’s silly ideas and comments.

Prank Wars

Willie and Si then watch viral videos, in an America’s Funniest Home Videos type format. This week’s clips featured friends pranking friends.

The first is a video of a group of men pushing their friend down a hill after he has fallen asleep in a wheel barrow. Si admits the wheel barrow is a perfect place to sleep. It’s a “bed on wheels.”

Si also offers this definition of friendship, “A friend will help you move, but a great friend will help you move a body.”

The next clips feature animals caught in suspicious acts. One video shows a seagull stealing food out of a man’s hand. “Everybody in the world knows that seagulls are thieves,” Si offers. Si Robertson’s commentary is what makes the show. The video clips aren’t necessarily phenomenal. However, Si’s interpretations leave audiences laughing.


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The segment of the show named “Si-berspace,” features Si Robertson recreating popular viral videos. This week’s video was an “unboxing video.” Willie explains, “If you don’t know what that is, it’s when someone purchases something from a store and then videos themselves opening the box.”

Si’s video didn’t go as expected. He was unable to open the plastic box. The video consisted of Si using the following items to try and pry open the plastic: a saw, power drill, light saber, samurai sword, and blow torch.

Although the video was clearly staged and over acted, it was entertaining to see what tools Si could come up with for the task.


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In the next segment of the show, members of the Robertson family join Willie and Si as guests to play a game. The game is called “Si-detector.”

This week Jep and Jessica Robertson stopped by, along with Mountain Man. The group watched a viral video, but paused it right before the big action. Then each player had to tell Si what happened next.

The catch is that only one person is telling the truth, and he must detect who the liars are. Laughs are shared all around. This is actually a pretty good idea for a family game at home.

All in all, Going Si-ral is great family fun. It’s good for cheesy laughs and silly shenanigans. Definitely not groundbreaking comedy — but entertaining nonetheless. 

What do you think about Si’s antics?