Sheldon Realizes What He Wants

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The entire finale episode revolved around Ramona popping back into Sheldon’s life right as Amy went to New Jersey for the summer. Amy will be researching at Princeton University, and the couple had decided to take their love long distance.

At first, things seemed great. Amy and Sheldon were video-chatting about their time apart, and Amy even admitted she missed Sheldon correcting her grammar. However, then things took a turn for the worst.

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Ramona immediately suggests she and Sheldon go to lunch, and Sheldon being the unassuming man he is, agrees. The gang quickly realizes Ramona is romantically interested in Sheldon, but Sheldon refuses to admit that she has less than innocent intentions. He rationalizes that since he has a girlfriend, Ramona can’t be interested. Penny points out that that could be why she is interested.

When Amy finds out Ramona is back she is upset, and quickly calls Bernadette and Penny to ask for help. The friends aren’t successfully in keeping Ramona away from Sheldon, despite trying to set her up with Raj as a decoy.

What Prompted The Proposal

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Sheldon’s proposal was prompted by the unlikely event of a kiss with another woman…When Sheldon confronted Ramona about her intentions, she kissed his square on the mouth. Not much is said after that.

We simply saw Sheldon head straight for LAX. He flew directly to Princeton and showed up at Amy’s door. Was this prompted by guilt or the sheer realization that he never wants to be with another woman ever again? Only time will tell.

Were you shocked by the season finale of The Big Bang Theory?

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