Phil Robertson On Trump, Politics and Loving Your Neighbor

Phil Robertson
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Phil Robertson went on CNN to talk about what it takes to be his candidate for the president of the United States. His measure for the presidency are small in number but few have been able to measure up.

Is he or she Godly?
Does he or she love us?
Can he or she do the job?
And finally, would they kill a duck and put ’em in a pot and make ’em a good duck gumbo?

How does Donald Trump measure up?

Well, his sons are duck hunters. Some of the Robertson men took Don Jr. duck hunting. Phil Robertson said the nominee’s son was a pretty good shot. And in Robertson’s neck-of-the-woods, being a good shot earns a man some respect.

The patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan joked, “Yeah, we get a little bible in Trump–I think he’d be ok.”

“I can see it now, the cameras pan in–he’s the next president of the United States, his cabinet members are there, and then the camera pans and there I am–his spiritual adviser. That’s how wild this election cycle has been.” Robertson was quick to add, he was only kidding.

Robertson explained to the CNN viewers why he originally backed Ted Cruz in the primaries. He knew that Cruz’s daddy was a preacher. So he believed that he must have been raised with good values.

Then he looked over at the Supreme Court. Having great love and respect for the late Justice Scalia, he knew Cruz was a strict constitutionalist.

“He didn’t make the cut. The people spoke and said Mr. Trump is the man we want.”

As a loyal Republican, Robertson was going to back whomever won the primary.

When the host, Don Lemon, a fellow Louisiana native asked Robertson why he bypassed up on Trump the first time. He seemed to be fishing for some derogatory comment from Robertson.

Robertson explained–again, what drew him to Cruz was the fact that he was a strict constitutionalist. He didn’t take the bait.

Phil explained that he’s not into politics. He explained that he would love for the host to see what he does on a daily basis. The Duck Dynasty star spends his days working with drug addicts people just getting out of prison, going into prison, alcoholics, and abused women.

Phil Robertson is more involved with “spiritual warfare” than in politics. He ministers to people with horrific stories. It was important for him to get across that that is what they deal with each week.

I’m not into politics near as much as I am into helping my fellow man–my neighbor. Loving my neighbor. That’s where I camp out. Phil Robertson