Phil Goes On Shapiro, But What He Says About Las Vegas Shooting Makes Headlines….


Phil Robertson had quite a bit to say when he appeared on Ben Shapiro’s show last week. Robertson says “it’s all spiritual warfare” when it comes to the evil things happening in the world. He blames “the evil one” and talks about what can be done.

Phil Robertson On Spiritual Warfare

Phil Robertson says the evil one was at play during the Las Vegas shooting. When asked about celebrity culture, Phil took a serious tangent and began to talk about the internet, and then mass shootings.

Phil said, “It’s spiritual warfare, within all of these various factions and ideologies. You got Romans 128, ‘Therefore when they decided to not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, God gave them over to a depraved man to do what ought not to be done…’ In the list that follows they become filled with every kind of wickedness evil greed depravity, they’re full of envy, murder, stripe, deceit, malice…They’re gossips, slanders, God haters…It sounds like the internet!”

Mass Shooting In Las Vegas

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Phil added, “The evil one is behind all of it.” Many fans and Christians have been asking why so many devastating events have occurred lately. Phil believes there’s a large spirit at work. He explained, “The shooter in Las Vegas, what was his motive? Why would he have done that? The evil one was a murderer from the beginning, going all the way back…The shooter? Those people had never done anything to him. He didn’t even know them. Why would he do it? It’s because the evil one was the motive. He was the motive and the motivation. So we just start shooting.”

It is Robertson’s hope that fans will like what he has to say, and will want to hear more from him. Phil’s visit to Shapiro’s show was a part of his promotional tour for his new series Phil In The Woods. The show promises to give fans an unfiltered glimpse into Phil’s life in nature. Do you like what Phil Robertson has to say about today’s state of the world?