Robert Kirkman Answers Questions At TCA Panel

Robert Kirkman | Photo Credit Cosmic It’s been years, if not decades, since a stuntman has died on set of a major production. During the filming for Season 8, John Bernecker died on the set of The Walking Dead while filming a routine fall.

The entire cast and crew had publically and privately deal with the grief from this on-set accident. At a recent Television Critics Association (TCA) panel, creator Robert Kirkman spoke about the accident.

Scott Gimple and other producers were not able to attend because they were at Bernecker’s funeral, so Kirkman fielded questions for the series.

“No Storylines Have Changed…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“No storylines were changed, you know, that was a tragic accident,” said the creator. “It wasn’t story related, it was just a freak accident that happened on set and it’s something that we’re dealing with, but it hasn’t affected the storyline in anyway.”

Kirkman said everyone was dealing with the tragic lost in their own way. “It’s a tragedy, so it’s something that everyone is dealing with in their own way, and it’s something that will continue to stick with us for years to come.”

It may also change the way stunts are handled, or written, on the show.

Tragedy On Set Of The Walking Dead

John Bernecker | Photo Credit IMDB

Fox News writes:

“The Walking Dead” producers considered canceling their recent appearance at the San Diego Comic Con, similar to that of the TCA panel. However, producers decided that they wanted to show off the new trailer for the upcoming eighth season, which they noted that the late Bernecker worked hard on as well.”

“The trailer dropped jaws at the convention, particularly with the reveal that there would be some kind of time jump – showing an older Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in need of a cane.”

What do you think this time jump means for the show?

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