The Type Of People Who Are Making Phil Robertson Sick To His Stomach


When asked how America turned away from God, Phil Robertson wants to blame the hippies. He says the godlessness of America is tragic and believes we’re headed nowhere fast.

Phil Robertson

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Ever wanted to have dinner with Phil Robertson? Always wished you could listen to him talk for hours, unfiltered, with no qualms? Well, watching In The Woods With Phil gives you an experience as close to that as possible. The new show airs on CRTV and allows Phil to tell it how he sees it.

He sees it as bleak. Phil believes that America needs to turn back to what he calls its “Christian roots.” He told Newsmax, “Every facet of life, why are we doing what we’re doing? We’re basically just looking at it from a spiritual lens. Our founding fathers, they warned us repeatedly, when you forget God,[tyranny] forwards your chains, and we’re there man.”

Phil also believes that a lot of today’s problems have to do with the people he calls “hippies” growing up. He says the pattern, “…morphed out to the hippies of the 60’s- my generation. By the time they got through with us, a lot of people don’t realize. You say, whatever happened to the hippies? They’re my age, I’m 71. They’re about my age. They migrated and they became your judges. They migrated into the institutions of higher learning into your government, into your news media, into Hollywood…”

Phil Says, “They Ran Him Out”

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Phil Robertson maintains that God is not dead and that we’d be better off if we acknowledged him more. He says, “they ran him out of the courthouses, the schools. Now we are paying the price. You forget God and the trouble starts. Every empire that’s risen and fallen, that pretty much was their problem.”

Phil Robertson also says that the more people who turn away from religion and the Bible, the more we will see tragedies like mass murders, terrorist attacks, and drug use. He hopes his new show will help others to realize that turning back to God is the only way to save America.