Miss Kay Spills The Beans- Tells Hilarious Robertson Family Stories On The Air


Miss Kay loves a good chuckle. Unlike her stern husband, Phil, she enjoys cutting up and laughing. They make a good balanced pair. Now Kay’s sharing a few funny stories about her family, and what makes her the most proud of them all.

Miss Kay Is A Proud Grandmother

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Miss Kay is certainly a proud mother, and grandmother. With four boys, each with many children of their own, she’s got a lot of little ones to love. Of course, part of being a grandmother is spilling the beans sometimes and revealing embarrassing stories.

Kay told a radio morning show that Jep was actually never a good public speaker growing up. It’s hard to imagine a famous Robertson getting tongue tied. Afterall the entire family appears on TV regulalry. However, Kay recalled, “Even Jep, when he was a little boy, he would take a bad grade on a test before he’d get up, if he had to speak in front of a class. He was so shy he couldn’t do it. And now he’s speaking in front of thousands of people…” She added, “I just never thought that would happen.

Kay is also incredibly proud of Sadie Robertson, one of her older grandchildren. She told the talk show, “Sadie has a tour going to 18 cities…It’s bringing this whole show, Live Original, and then there’s about 6 or 8…practically the whole show is all my grandkids in it. And they’re all speaking about God all over the United States. And for teenagers…I’m telling you it just warms your heart.” That’s got to be a proud moment for a grandmother, who has dedicated her life to spreading God’s word herself.

Boys Will Be Boys

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Kay also shared that she’d always hoped for a girl, but instead was given four boys to parent. She describes her sons as “all boy and man,” who wanted nothing to do with babydolls or toys. Instead, they found fun in terrorizing their mama. Kay explained, “They did put bullfrogs in my bathtub as a surprise for me one night. Yes they did put lizards in the bath tub. They have several surprises for me…I think we were always a comedy family, before we became America’s comedy family.”

Can you imagine your own boys playing such a trick? It’s a good think Miss Kay Robertson has such a kind and funny spirit. We love hearing about the Robertson family from her perspective.