A Make Up Artist Told Sadie She Didn’t Have The Face For An “All-Natural” Photo Shoot…Here’s How She Responded

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-09-04

Sadie Robertson has been incredibly candid lately when it comes to talking about her personal struggles. Just last week she was admitting to relationship struggles. This week she’s explaining her body image issues, and recounting a pretty traumatic photo shoot.

Sadie Robertson’s Body Image

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Sadie Robertson’s body image is the talk of the town lately. The star opened up about a particularly shocking photo shoot she recently took part in. The Duck Dynasty star chose to use her blog to explain her own body image issues to her fans.

Sadie explained that earlier this year she had planned to have what she called an “all-natural” photo shoot. Artistic directors for the company she was working with wanted her to post sans makeup for a life size cutout to be used in retail stores. However, when Sadie arrived to the shoot with no makeup on the director decided they needed to go in a different direction.

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“I was a little shook by the change of plans the director decided to make by taking one look at me and stating his infamous comment, ‘Oh, no. This girl does not have the face for a no-makeup shoot.'” Sadie recalled. “Ouch. Then, they sent me off for two hours to get my hair and makeup done. Yes, two hours to get that “all natural” look so it could appear that I just happened to wake up like this… FLAWLESS.”

Her Own Body Image Issues

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Sadie decided to share this story so that her fans would understand that her images are not a true reflection of herself. “The reason I share these things with y’all is because I don’t want to be the photo-shopped girl behind the window or the screen – giving you another impossible image to compare yourself to. Do you want to know why I so strongly oppose being that girl? Because I’ve been damaged by ‘that girl.'”

Sadie hopes her fans won’t compare themselves to photo shopped images, and will instead learn to appreciate the natural beauty God gave them. We can’t believe the director had the audacity to tell Sadie she needed makeup. How would you have responded to such a comment?

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