Robert Kirkman’s All-Out War

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Facebook For eagle eye fans, the trailer for The Walking Dead Season actually gave away a lot of information. As we enter Robert Kirkman’s All-Out War, which encapsulates Rick and Negan’s armies, there are lots of causalities.

At the very end, we even discovered that Rick has quite the new look. In a hospital bed, which made many fans think “it was all a dream!,” Rick Grimes seems to have a cane, short hair, a beard, and may be bedridden.

But, there are answers to this shot in the comic.

Moving Forward In Time…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book writes:

“If the appearance of Rick in the Season 8 trailer compared to his comic book counterpart after the time jump is not enough to confirm the moment as a flashforward sequence, one extra detail will be…”

“During Rick and Negan’s final showdown in the comics, Rick wins the brawl but not without taking some serious damage. Negan breaks his leg. Without a hospital near by or proper way to recover from the injury, the damage to Rick’s leg heals but never to one hundred percent. Instead, Rick walks with a cane for the rest of the comic.”

Rick’s Cane, From The Comics

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

The cane is iconic, but based on the fact that Scott Gimple, and company, believe this show will last another 8-10 episodes, they will likely work around this cane like they did with Rick Grimes’ hand.

In terms of functionality, it doesn’t really make sense for Rick to have a cane the rest of the series. Sure, House had a cane with no problem, but Rick needs to be able to move quickly and be mobile to get away from walkers and other enemies.

Hopefully, whatever happens, Rick isn’t off his feet for too long.

Do you think the show will stick pretty close to the original comic storyline?

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