Mary Kate Robertson Shares Her Depression Relapse After THIS Family Crisis


Mary Kate Robertson is famous for her ability to write candidly about her personal struggles. “The Little Duck Wife” once again expressed her vulnerability in a new blog post about her walk of faith. She admits to falling back into depression and questioning where God is for her.

Mary Kate Robertson’s Struggle With Depression

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The wife of John Luke Robertson, Mary Kate is a student at Liberty University. Last year she penned a moving blog post about Lyme disease, and how the illness has affected her mental well-being. She explained, “I’m healthy enough to be active and do things, but it always comes with a price. Always. My family has been to countless doctors all over the country and no one is any healthier.”

Mary Kate also previously shared, “During this time I cried every single day. There was always this overwhelming feeling of sadness. I felt overwhelmed by social situations and talking to people… was extremely stressed out over my classes. I got anxiety over driving.”

In another blog post, Mary Kate shared how she overcame the illness and found her joy again. However, it seems relief was only momentary. In her latest account, she admits to relapsing back into depression.

The Depression Came Back

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Mary Kate admitted that she questioned God in this moment of desperation. She wrote, “My dad and my sister were the sickest I’d ever seen them, and in another situation going on I felt like the Lord wasn’t on my side. I felt like He was siding with someone else and was pitted against me. I was struggling with depression again and was mad He would let me suffer through that again. …’God! Give me my life back. Stop putting me through all of this! Why are you so against me?'”

Mary Kate is finally seeing clearly. She shared with fans that she realizes all the good in her life comes from God, and she needs to focus on it. She concluded, “When I am consciously thanking the Lord for things throughout my day, I find myself more joyful. I think it’s because when we are thanking Him, we are putting ourselves in His presence.”

It’s very common to dip back into depression throughout life. We hope Mary Kate Robertson continues to share her journey and find peace in the darkness.