It Looks Like Duck Son’s Wife Is Obsessed With Something A Little… Weird?


Mary Kate Robertson recently shared her essential oil obsession with fans. The Robertson wife keeps her following updated on her blog, The Little Duck Wife. She’s a total essential oil fanatic, and couldn’t wait to share her favorites.

Mary Kate Robertson Can’t Get Enough Essential Oils

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Essential oils are all the rage lately. Social media influencers, celebrities, and healthy lifestyle bloggers are all boasting these little oils’ major powers. It is believed that these oils can cure a myriad of ailments, including aching muscles, headaches, and nauseous. Some people even believe they can change your mood, or cure depression. 

Most people use an oil diffuser in their home to disperse the oil into the air. Different oils produce different scents. A great example is lavender. The diffuser will fill your home with a lavender scent, putting you in a sleepy mood.

Mary Kate, she was at first skeptical of these highly praised oils. She wrote, “I’d been hearing all the essential oil hype but was doubtful, and they are pricey, so it took me a while to jump on the train. But I’ve jumped on, ridden a while, and don’t see myself ever getting off haha.”

Mary Kate also shared that the oils have helped her with a personal struggle. She explained, “I shared recently about my family’s battle with Lyme Disease. It has definitely made me much more health-conscious. I can’t remember the exact reason for wanting to start oils, but I just know I was feeling bad physically and mentally and was wanting some relief. I really wanted to find that relief naturally.”

Mary Kate’s Favorite Oils

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Mary Kate’s favorite oils include lavender, panaway, peppermint, frankincense, and lemon among others. She wrote, “There are so many oils and so many uses for each oil! I love how they can naturally support health and wellness…” Mary Kate also shared that her doctor is considering prescribing her a specific essential oil routine for her Lyme disease. 

Do you think Mary Kate Robertson is on to something? Will you be trying essential oils anytime soon?