Here Are The Juicy Details Of What’s In Korie Robertson’s New Book

The Robertsons visit Liberty University's campus. From left: Mary Kate, John Luke, Korie and Willie Robertson (photo via Liberty University)

Want the juicy details of what’s in Korie Robertson’s latest book, Strong, And Kind, which she’s re-releasing with extra material?

If so, look no further. 

Korie (second from the right) with her family (photo via Liberty University)

It’s crucial for parents to teach their children well, and Korie knows this. Parents usually want to see good character traits in their kids but are left wondering how to make that happen.

As former stars of Duck Dynasty, Korie and Willie have gotten a ton of letters and messages from fans of the show on how to raise kids. Korie is quick to say it wasn’t easy.

What Korie does in Strong And Kind is helps parents figure out the characteristics they would like to see in their kids and tools to help those come to fruition.

Daughter and mother, Sadie and Korie Robertson (Source: Fox News)

In the same way, muscles can be worked out and strengthened, Korie says, so can our confidence and our kids’ confidence. She also gives tips on how to encourage things like good manners, sharing, patience, forgiveness, and joyfulness in your kids.

So whether you have a troubled child or a goodie-two-shoes, this book is a great starting-off point for helping your kids grow into adults that live with love for God and others.

And better yet, Korie is re-releasing this book now that they’ve adopted their 12-year-old son, Rowdy.

“I wrote that book a couple years ago, but I wrote it before we got Rowdy,” she said. “So in the last couple years, our lives have changed a lot. We adopted him, and it was finally final last September. Because he wasn’t in the book, because he wasn’t in the family yet, I wanted to write his story.”

The re-release is now available here. Also, watch Korie explain the title of the book in the video below.


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