Duck Dynasty Christmas Presents: You Won’t Believe What The Robertsons Give Each Other


The Robertsons are a family of fun and faith. It’s no wonder they love sharing many Duck Dynasty Christmas presents. They have yet to announce if they’ll be doing a Christmas special this year. However, the past five years have given us quite a bit of Duck Dynasty Christmas fun.

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Santa’s List

Our first memorable moment occurred in Season 4, Episode 11. The Robertsons read what they would like from Santa.

Willie started off by saying, “All right my Dear Santa list, is to get as many deer as I can!” He then went on to say, “I think unique gifts that people give me, as long as it’s from the heart — it doesn’t have to be expensive — however guns and knives are always fun.” What can we say? The man loves to hunt.

Sadie’s list was a bit different. She told the cameras there was a new iPhone she had her eyes on.

John Luke said, “Gas money is always a necessity.”

Bella said she wanted a huge stuffed animal, and Lily said she’d like a puppy dog! The Robertsons had pretty typical age-appropriate wishes.

The Stranger Gifts

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The family also listed some of the weirder gifts they’ve received. Miss Kay gives a gag gift every Christmas, and has given Willie a number of pig shaped kitchen accessories.

Miss Kay also recalls that Phil once gave her a calculator. She took this as his way of telling her she wasn’t adding up the bills correctly.

Missy took the prize when she described a gift from her grandmother. Missy said, “My ninety year old grandmother gave me a self-portrait of herself. Framed. That was definitely the strangest gift I’ve ever received.

The Family Likes To Give Animals Parts

When asked the strangest gift he’s ever received, Jep said random animal parts in jars. That’s definitely not the most normal gift, but we suppose it makes sense considering the Robertson’s love of hunting. John Luke told cameras that he once received a jar of deer testicles.

“I got them first,” he recalled, “and then I put them back in the bag and put them in my dad’s pile. Then he opened it up, and threw them and hit MawMaw Kay in the face with it.” John Luke lit up as he told the story. The Robertsons sure are an interesting bunch.

Their Favorite Gifts

The Robertsons remembered their favorite presents in the 11th episode of season 4. Jase told the story of receiving his first shot gun. He was ten-years-old, and said, “I think that was the most excited I’ve ever been.” However, Jase was apart of another “Greatest Gifts” story.

When Missy was only 17, Jase proposed to her. Missy remembered, “I don’t think anything’s topped that since.”

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In true Robertson fashion, Phil Robertson revolved his answer around Christianity. “The event itself, and who it surrounds, is the best gift mankind has ever received,” Phil was presumably talking about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Based on the Robertson’s answers, would you like a Duck Dynasty themed Christmas?