Are Women Being Cheated Out Of Money In Louisiana?


For so many years, Louisiana has ranked among the states with the most embarrassingly bad pay gaps between men and women. This is 2017, right?

Duck Dynasty wives
If the Robertson women do the same job as a the Robertson men, why shouldn’t they be paid the same rate? (photo via Starcasm)

Some of you may be saying, “Wait, women get paid less for the same job men do?”

Yes, it’s true in today’s world.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says this has to change.

“We’re still last in the nation in terms of the pay gap and we need to address that,” he told “I look forward to being successful.”

Now let’s get something straight: pay if equal between male and female state workers only. Louisiana is the only state where this is the case.

So if you’re a female state trooper, you’ll get paid as much as your male peer. If you’re female small-town cop, the boys will be getting paid much more than you.

This is pretty much what happens to women’s paychecks in Louisiana because of the huge pay gap (photo via

How bad is it? How huge is the pay gap?

Well, Louisiana women working full-time, year-round jobs earned only 68 cents to every dollar men earned. This is the second worst wage gap in the United States (Wyoming has the worst, where women earn 64 cents to every dollar men earn).

Fortunately, Gov. Edwards and the Louisiana government are making steps to change this. We sure know the Robertsons wouldn’t stand for this — a man or woman should be paid to them what they’ve earned regardless of gender.

These women have every right to earn a fair wage just as the Robertson men do (from left: Jessica, Korie, Missy, and Miss Kay Robertson, the Duck Dynasty wives – photo via Crossmap)