Dwight Proves His True Allegiance

True Walking Dead fans know that there are some gray areas within Rick and Negan’s war. This means that some key players will change sides before, after, and during the battle.

Many fans who read the comic books knew that Dwight would one day betray Negan in favor of Rick Grimes. However, since the show isn’t a perfect adaptation, there’s still room for things to change.

New evidence shows Dwight may have already proven his true allegiance.

Reddit User Points Out Dwight’s Allegiance

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

One Reddit user pointed out that in the season finale, there’s chaos when Shiva the tiger saves Rick Grimes, but Dwight does more than just leave a note for Daryl. While every Savior takes aim, Dwight doesn’t start shooting.

Despite being backed away from the fight, Dwight does point his gun but he never fires his gun. Dwight didn’t kill any Saviors, but he decided not to take any lives of those on Rick’s side either.

Dwight was trying not to lose anyone’s trust.

Dwight Leaves Note For Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The other clear sign, of course, was the chess piece that Dwight left for Daryl to find that read, “Didn’t know.” The message was meant for Rick and Daryl so they would know Dwight had to intention of this attack by Negan.

Comic Book writes:

“Dwight has been seen carving these figurines in the past. However, this particular figurine appears to be the one Daryl saw in Dwight’s room when he escaped the Sanctuary in the midseason 7 finale.”

“Didn’t know,” likely means that Dwight was unaware of the fact Jadis and her team were going to turn on Rick in favor of Negan. It might also mean he was unaware of Negan’s upcoming assault on Alexandria which took place in the Season 7 finale.”

Do you think Dwight will ever betray Rick Grimes?

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