Are The Robertsons Coming Back To TV? Plus Their Take On The Royal Wedding


Are the Robertsons eventually coming back to TV? It seems the family is sending mixed messages to their audience. However, one thing is for sure- they’re keeping up with pop-culture.

Sadie Robertson Says “No”

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Sadie Robertson told reporters her family isn’t interested in coming back to TV. Ever since Duck Dynasty ended, the family has spent time concentrating on new ventures. When asked if the family would ever come back to the small screen, Sadie answered, “Right now for sure not.” She explained that the family is focusing on their own individual goals and enjoying their free time. She said, “We are totally on break. My little siblings are growing up, and my parents just wanted to be parents, and raise them up in a normal way, and try to get that normal capacity back. For me, I moved to Nashville. We’re all around right now, doing our thing. Maybe one day, but it would have to be a while.”

Sadie, Reed, John Luke, Mary Kate, Cole, and Brighton Robertson all moved away to create their grab careers and degrees. Korie Robertson has been traveling all over the place. Phil Robertson has his own show on CRTV, Miss Kay is running her own bakery, Jep and Jessica moved to Austin, and it seems Willie Robertson is preaching.

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