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Austin Amelio as Dwight on The Walking DeadImage Credit: AMC With The Walking Dead set to return in just over a month, fans everywhere are speculating over what might happen next. One easy way to predict events on the show is to simply follow the story in the original comic books. There’s a major arc coming up that involves Dwight. However, and if the show follows that path, it could end very differently.

Producers on The Walking Dead have always made deviations from the comic books. Some of them are minor, while others have been pretty outrageous. Showrunner Scott Gimple has made it a point to get the show back to its comic book roots recently, though. In fact, much of Season 7 played out exactly as creator Robert Kirkman originally wrote it years ago.

As we know from the final moments of the mid-season finale and the trailers for Season 7B, Rick will finally be working to take down Negan when the show returns. In the comics, one of the key components in the plan against Negan involves Dwight.

Fed up with Negan’s abuse, Dwight comes to Rick and Ezekiel and offers to give them intel to help take down the Saviors. It takes many months for Dwight’s subterfuge to pay off, but it does end up being essential in the fight against Negan.

There’s one major difference in how Dwight is portrayed on screen and how he was originally written in the comics. On the show, Dwight has garnered a complicated relationship with Daryl Dixon. Originally, Daryl offered to help Dwight and his wife when they were on the run. Instead, Dwight chose to return to Negan, taking Daryl’s crossbow and motorcycle along with him.

 A Traitor in Their Midsts

Source: US Weekly

Once Daryl was taken prisoner by the Saviors, the saga of Dwight and Daryl got even more complicated. Dwight took Daryl’s vest and seemed to be doing his best impression, all the while he was actually in charge of Daryl’s torture.

There is no Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead comics; his character was created specifically for the show. So we have no idea how Daryl will fit into Dwight’s storyline going forward. If Dwight does come forward with information, will Daryl even allow him to talk? When he escaped, Daryl took out his frustrations on “Fat” Joey, but he’s got to be holding some of it back for Dwight, too.

Maybe the show will change things up and have Daryl actually kill Dwight. Then, it could be Sherry who actually betrays Negan and offers intel to Rick and the others. Sherry has been shown to have compassion for Daryl, and her character has been given more focus on the show than it was in the comics.

Will Dwight follow the path laid out for him in the comic books? Who knows, but if so, he’d better keep a close eye on one Daryl Dixon.

What do you think will happen when Dwight and Daryl meet up again? Should Daryl spare Dwight’s life out of sympathy for Sherry?

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