1Do Producers Fear The Crossing Over? 

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Ever since Fear the Walking Dead began, one of the biggest questions fans have had is “when will the show crossover with The Walking Dead?” Ostensibly, producers have no plans to ever cross the two shows, but could the Morales family turn out to be the connective tissue between them?

In the first season of The Walking Dead, we were introduced to Morales, another member of the refugee camp that eventually became Rick’s traveling group of survivors. When the rest of the group decided to head to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Morales made a different choice. Along with his wife, Miranda, and children, Eliza and Louis, Morales set off for Birmingham to reunite with the rest of their family. They haven’t been seen or heard from since.

Meanwhile, Fear the Walking Dead began on the other side of the country, in Los Angeles, California. It was further separated from the original show by virtue of the fact it took place weeks before The Walking Dead, while Rick Grimes was still in a coma. Eventually, the main characters boarded a boat and ended up in Mexico.


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