Alan Robertson Just Published This, But The Name Says It All


Alan Robertson’s devotional, The Duck Commander Devotional was written with a specific goal in mind. The Beardless brother explained that his own prodigal son story motivated him to speak to others about God’s love.

Alan Robertson, The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son is a well-known story in the bible that describes the love of a family, and of God. It is found in the book of Luke, chapter 15, verses 11-32. Jesus told his disciples that a man had two sons. One stayed home to care for the family and its business. The other ventured off and abandoned his father. Eventually, he returned. Many would expect the father to be angry and not welcome him home. However, the father actually welcomes him home with open arms and forgives him of his sins.

Many Christians, including Alan Robertson, believe this story is a metaphor for God’s love. Alan had his own prodigal son moment, when Phil Robertson kicked him out of the house. He said, ” I just got into those teenage years and kind of went off the pale. Dad said ‘You got brothers here, you can’t live this way and stay here.’ It was tough love.”

Eventually, Alan returned and was welcomed by the entire family. His experience inspired him to become a preacher. He explained, ” I think once I made that decision and I came home, I wanted to create an atmosphere where other people could come home.”

The Duck Commander Devotional

Alan also decided to write the Duck Commander Devotional in order to spread the Good News. He said, “As a prodigal turned preacher…Every Sunday when I preach I wanted folks to understand that God was welcoming them back. That’s been my motivation my entire ministry, and now it’s just on a bigger scale.”

Alan explained, “It’s a daily devotional guide…Everybody in the family contributed…It’s a great read. It’s basically a verse, a thought, someway that it impacted us, and then a prayer at the close. I think it will be a real encouragement to folks.”

Have you ever read Alan Robertson’s devotional? How did it move you?