5 Times The Robertsons Gave The Best Parenting Advice


The Robertsons are all about faith and family. On Duck Dynasty, we saw many different parenting styles in multiple family situations. However, one theme rang true- these parents love their kids and are raising respectful, God-loving young adults.

The Robertsons’ Parenting Style

The Robertsons parenting style could be labeled as strict. Phil Robertson, in particular, was a ruling father with serious rules about respect. He even kicked Alan out of the house when he was older because of his disrespectful habits. However, he also loves his children dearly and taught his boys all about God. They, in turn, are passing these same lessons on to their children. Here are 5 times the Robertsons gave the best parenting advice on reality TV.

Missy Says Your Kid Won’t Be Good at Everything

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In an essay written for A&E’s website, Missy Robertson points out that encouraging your children doesn’t mean praising them for everything. Missy and Jase Robertson have raised Mia, Reed, and Cole to be respectful and ambitious. When it comes to sports, hobbies, and studies, Missy says encouragement is important. She wrote, “It’s easy to encourage your children when it comes to their accomplishments. It’s not so easy but is far more important to encourage them when it comes to their failures or challenges.” 

Mia Robertson had always wanted to follow in her older brothers’ footsteps. Reed and Cole both played baseball, and when Mia asked to try softball, the family was excited. However, Jase and Missy quickly realized she was terrible at the sport. Missy said it was important to not sugar coat her failure, but to instead encourage her to seek other talents. Missy wrote, “Encouragement and praise are two different things. It is important for kids to know that they are not great at everything they do. If they find they are good at something or have a special gift, we encourage them to work really hard at it and give it their best efforts. God gave us each certain gifts and abilities that he expects us to use for him.”

With so many parents telling their kids they’re great at everything, it’s refreshing to hear Missy’s honesty. She explained, “Telling kids they are great at everything they do gives them a false sense of security. Then when they enter the real world and have to accomplish things on their own, it will be very difficult…”

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