The Robertson Kids are very active on social media. They post constantly, usually with a positive message or update on their latest adventures. Let’s see what these Duck Dynasty kids have been up to!

Sadie Combats Hate

photo by sadie robertson via instagram.comphoto by sadie robertson via

In a recent Instagram post, Sadie Robertson mentioned a woman’s comment made about her rudeness to a fan’s request for a picture. Sadie stated in her caption that the woman had caught her on a bad day. Sadie admitted to struggling with “hurt, confusion, and just frankly having a bad day”. The 19 year old explained that social media only shows the good in life. She equated comparing yourself to others on social media as looking through life with a filter.  She admitted to sending out an apology message. The Duck Dynasty kid then challenged her 2.8 million followers to reexamine the authenticity of their social media presence.

John Luke is a Rock Star 

photo by @youngandbeardless via instagram.comphoto by @youngandbeardless via

On his Instagram account, @youngandbeardless, John Luke posted this picture of himself looking like a true rock star.  The photo was taken at a Live Original event. The Live Original tour is the project of his sister, Sadie Robertson, and tours the country speaking to teens about their every day issues. John Luke apologized for stepping on a fan’s drink, and also expressed how much he loves touring and speaking with fans.


Mary Kate Promotes Her Blog

photo by @marykaterob via instagram.comphoto by @marykaterob via

Mary Kate Robertson, formerly Mary Kate McEacharn, promoted her blog on her instagram photos of a hike with husband John Luke this week on her Instagram account.  She posted a playful picture of her hanging on John Luke’s back saying, “Sometimes JL lets go and lets me koala for a bit.”  She directed people to see more pictures on her blog.  The blog is called The Little Duck Wife and featured updates on the couples lives and preferences.  

Reed Robertson has Trouble In Paradise

Reed Robertson married Brighton Thompson last week. He posted to his Instagram account a photo of the two on their wedding day with a caption explaining how their honeymoon had not gone according to plan. He wrote, “I married my best friend yesterday. Brighton and I’s first day of marriage has been, well, interesting. Got kicked off our flight at 5 am, ate Popeyes for lunch, saw a terrible movie, and missing 2 days of our honeymoon because of it and I couldn’t be more thrilled to adventure with you Brighton. Today and for the rest of my life.” Sounds like a crazy way to start a marriage!

These kids stay busy! Stay tuned for more updates on the Duck Dynasty kids and their social media escapades.

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