3 Hilarious Phil Robertson Quotes About The Internet


Phil Robertson is a strong and opinionated man. He has thoughts on all things politics, religion, hunting… and the internet. Here are three things Phil Robertson has said about the internet that will have you laughing out loud… or perhaps nodding your head along in agreement.

Phil Robertson On The Internet

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We all know that the internet doesn’t sit well with many. Though some from the older generations have embraced the power of the world wide web, still traditionalists believe we were better off without all this connectivity. Perhaps no one dislikes the idea of laptops and phones more than Phil Robertson.

Phil said, “Americans need to get off their cell phones— my sons included. Contrary to what you’re thinking, you can live without them. I promise you can operate and function without them. I don’t have one. You don’t have to have one, either.”

He definitely has a point. We as a society have become dependent on our cell phones for nearly everything. We use them as watches, compasses, GPS systems, friends, and even wallets. Phil prefers to do things on his own, without the help of Siri.

Secondly, Phil doesn’t understand why people spend so much time on their laptops. He prefers sitting back in the woods or spending time in prayer. He said, “I’ve never figured out how the computer, the very device that was supposed to revolutionize the way we live and save us so much time… I have an idea: why don’t you grab a Bible and read, or lie there in bed and pray or meditate for a few quiet moments? Hey, news flash, folks: I promise you it’s the only quiet time you’re probably going to get in this busy, busy world.”

Against Social Media

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Phil Robertson is even more against social media. He explained, “I’m convinced that the Internet and social media in particular, the very things that were supposed to bring us closer together, have actually distanced us from each other more than ever before. They’re destroying the social interaction among humans…We’ve become robots.” We’d love to hear him debate his many grandchildren about this one.

Do these Phil Robertson quotes make you laugh out loud or do you think the patriarch has a point?