BREAKING: Phil Robertson Reveals His Real Thoughts On Confederate Flag…


Phil Robertson is dedicated to the United States — the new Unites States. To him, Confederate flags are a thing of the past.

Phil Robertson’s stance on the Confederate flag may surprise a lot of people (source: Salon)

Phil would also call himself — proudly — a Redneck. But there are certain things that shouldn’t be associated with Redneck life.

An artist and friend of the Robertsons named Michael Hunt vouches for Phil’s stance on keeping “redneck” a pure term not associated with anything but endearment.

“I have spent countless hours across the table in [the Robertson] home autographing thousands of prints of various projects,” Hunt said.

He remembers being at Phil’s house one time while the TV was on. Hunt looked at the screen and saw Phil’s face on the news. The story was about a controversy concerning a kid who had worn a Confederate flag to school — the media dubbed that day “Redneck Day.” The school expelled the child.

“Phil, turn around,” Hunt said.

Phil turned around to look at the TV — he became visually upset… 

source: Life 88.5

Phil had to get something off his chest.

Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson does not want to be associated with Confederate flags (source: The Gospel Herald)

“I have never owned a Confederate flag,” he said. “This is what upsets me — ‘Redneck’ is a term of endearment around here. And attaching that to a Confederate flag is offensive to me . . . That Confederate flag is not what we stand for.'”

Despite what a lot of people — especially those who don’t know what type of people the Robertsons are — assume everyone on Duck Dynasty would loves Confederate flags. Many people probably assume the Robertsons want to see Confederate flags flying everywhere.

Well, as Phil as set the record street, that’s not the case. Phil is offended by the sight of Confederate flags.

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